Saturday, November 23, 2013

hit the road, Jack

As you may know, my travel blog Around the World in 365 Days went dark in May after Twitter acquired Posterous and shut it down. 

I started microblogging in 2010, moving exclusively to iPhone pictures and mobile posts.

It really changed the way I traveled and recorded the world, bringing me back to photojournalism and documentary, to immediacy and nowness rather than contemplation and polish.

I've been hesitant to start something new, after seeing years of posts and photos no longer available.

But it's time to pack my bags again, and head across the Pacific. I hope you'll enjoy these new adventures, and perhaps set off on a few of your own. 

1. View from my room at Orca Adventure Lodge, Cordova, Alaska
2. New Year's Eve at the Havana Libre, Cuba
3. The quarry on Rapa Nui (Easter Island)
4. Tango dancers in Cuzco, Peru
5. Tree frog at the serpentario by Lake Arenal, Costa Rica