Thursday, July 23, 2015

bubble, bubble, toil & trouble

Descending to Bumpass Hell on the boardwalk

It's not an ordinary landscape. Sulphur steam turning lava to clay. 
Surreal colors of sand. 
Pine forests at 8000 feet. 
And "icebergs" of pyrite, also known as fool's gold. 
I started the day with a hike above Summit Lake. It was full of people camping and yelling at their kids. (I hiked faster to get away from them.)
More cool trees. 
And the views of Lassen Peak were not too shabby. 
Later I followed Kings Creek with its many waterfalls. 

But the highlight was definitely the Bumpass Hell trail and its views of the valley. 
And hiking 10+ miles at 7000+ feet. My feet are a little achy—still trying to decide if I can get away without hiking boots. But otherwise ready for Yosemite. 
Tomorrow: one last swim and then off to Lava Beds and the volcanic scenic byway.