Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Quebec culture

Aside from maple syrup and cider and the stylish Trudeaus, Quebec is quite famous for Loi 101, the law requiring businesses to be conducted in French. Canada is bilingual but in Quebec, you speak Québécois (or pretend to). 
I bring this up because Quebec is a prime example of preserving culture. Today I'm at the Musee de la Civilisation learning about Quebec history including its First Nations and the French and British colonization. 
Every corner is exquisite. 17th and 18th century townhouses have been preserved and restored. 
That charm isn't accidental. It's been carefully cultivated, and legislated. Old Quebec is protected as a UNESCO world heritage site. 
Nor is it uniform. 
Why not sell futons in a building like this if it means preserving history?

I'll have to return soon. Always the best compliment from a traveler.