Sunday, May 29, 2016

basin & range

Before Great Basin became a national park in 1986, the Lehman caves were its main attraction. 
The entrance is at nearly 7000 feet above sea level.
The caves were first discovered and popularized in the mid-19th century by Absalom Lehman who brought tourists in with only a candle.
Ranger Gabby led us deep into the caves.
They were pretty fantastic. 
Huge stalagtites and stalagmites and cave popcorn and bacon.
The colors are a bit muted in the darkness. 
Some of the cavern rooms were large enough to hold 50 people
During prohibition they held dance parties. 
It was awesome. Then we headed up to Wheeler Peak (13,063').
There's still snow at the top. The road goes to 10,000 feet where there's a spacious campground and a trail to the top and another to the Bristlecone pines. 
The mountains are shaped by glaciers, and the elements. 
It began to rain and then hail so we headed back down to Baker. 
The storm clouds were exquisite. 
I loved these rocks near the lower campground. 
After a quick stop at the visitors' center, we headed back to Elko. 
You see all kinds of things in the West. 
These windmills reminded me of dancers. 
Heading over Secret Pass across the Ruby mountains, I spied a double rainbow. 
The sun sets on another great adventure. 

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