Sunday, August 20, 2017

Idaho trail

This morning we headed north to Craters of the Moon national park and discovered that everyone else had the same idea.

The park was CLOSED because of overcapacity, with rangers reduced to telling eager eclipse goers we couldn't walk in to see the caves and cinder cones we'd been reading about.

Oh well. It was a stunning drive, past stacked bricks of hay and potato fields.

I loved looking at the lava formations. Was this lava or petrified wood? The last eruption was 2000 years ago. They happen—every 2000 years. 

Adam admired the headline writing in the local paper.

I thought the AAA "tips" were amusing: avoid standing in the middle of the road? Chris suggested carpooling.

We made it to Boise! Our eclipse glasses are tested. Our cooler is ready. Alarms are set for dawn. The forecast is thankfully clear. Now all we need is the traffic to cooperate. See you on the other side.