Monday, May 22, 2017

bae baie

Lazy day in paradise.

After waking up in the Picasso room, I headed for Papeterie St. Gilles, the first ECONOMUSEUM.

Papeterie St Gilles is in nearby St Joseph de la Rive, in a school that was converted to a papermaking workshop in the 60s.

The first step is repulping the cotton paper by soaking it.

 Later you press it.
 You can see the logo here, for embossing and adding texture.
 Et voila!

Once pressed, the paper is ready for writing or painting. It's beautiful stuff. The workshop is filled with art.

The last step is to measure its thickness You didn't realize that 20-pound paper was actually weighed, did you? 

Afterward, I walked across the road to the Maritime Museum. St Joseph was not a major shipbuilding center, but because the St. Lawrence is fierce in the winter, ships are stored in dry dock. 

You can walk aboard a number of the ships and see how they were built.
Timber is one of Canada's biggest exports.
 Practice your knots.
It's a balancing act.

Stay afloat.

Propel yourself.

I headed back to town for a late lunch. This heritage building is for sale.

This is a superb food region. I tasted 12 local ciders and sampled rhubarb-apple butter. Hard to resist the pates.
My suitcase will be full of cheese by the time I go home.

Walking on the quai, I met Jeanette and Marcel. She asked about the red alpaca poncho I was wearing, which I got in Chile. She told me (in French, which I do not really speak) that she and her sister once had matching ponchos, and she'd donated hers years ago. She also suggested perhaps I'd come to Quebec to learn French.

At times, the sky was foreboding.

 The farm at least is painted a cheerful color, to get through dreary winters.

Salmon is fished from this baie. I'm looking forward to some tomorrow for breakfast.
 But now, sleep is calling me. Bon soir. Until tomorrow.