Sunday, May 21, 2017


So I flew all night, ate Zingerman's pastrami for breakfast, got talked into a new mileage credit card, flew to another country in a microjet, and then drove 5 hours to Baie St. Paul, listening to Fellside, a gripping horror tale and stopping at Tim Horton's for coffee and fleur de printemps (spring flower) donut.

It's Canada's sesquicentennial. More on that to come July 1st, when I will return for Canada Day.
First, more important things. Like donuts shaped like flowers, with jam in the middle. Worth noting this wasn't even the coolest donut on display, Tim Horton's has nutella donuts, but they were completely sold out.
 Now if you haven't noticed, the villages in Quebec are absolutely gorgeous. Baie St. Paul dates to the 17th century. Canada may be 150, but Montreal celebrated its 375th birthday this week. (Take that!)

This charming house is being restored, like so many on our block.
A closer look at the painting on the porch. Most of these houses have wraparound porches, and interesting patterns of wood. Tomorrow I'll learn more about it.

You'll recognize this classic external spiral staircase from Montreal.
 In the mean time, pull up a chair, or a swing. Relax. Go taste some cheese at the Economusee. Take a walk through town to the mighty St Lawrence, and follow the winding river to America's only fjord, in search of migrating whales.
I'll see you on the water.