Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Bayfront renaissance

Two boys arrived and ran to the aquarium tank. "Don't you remember what happened to Dory?" one of the moms threatened.

 The elevators at the Frost Science Center look like cellphones in Otter Boxes.
Upstairs in the aviary, white herons and egrets nest in the mangroves.
No roseate spoonbills though.
You get a great view from the top toward the Venetian Causeway and the cruise ships.  It's a brand new building, next door to the Perez art museum and American Airlines Arena. 

Do you know the difference between an alligator and a crocodile? Florida is one of the few places that has both.
Down a level, into the fish tank. 
Almost like snorkeling.
As always, the jellyfish were captivating.

 Zooming across the tank

Parachute jumper

A sprite
Embryonic forms

Moon jellies

Outside, there are solar "trees."
 Even the garage doors are science-y.

Exclusive Hello Kitty merchandise in the gift shop

Just for good measure, deconstructed key lime pie.

And a bit of gratuitous Art Deco on Biscayne.