Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Utopia now

Tipped off by a TV show I watched on the plane, I headed for the bathroom with the best view of Helsinki. 

(No, seriously. The bar is atop a hotel tower. You go up a secret spiral staircase.)

 It's beautiful up on the 14th floor, and the sky unexpectedly cleared in every direction.
In case you didn't believe me. (Would I lie to you?)
Prices to match but hell, it was my birthday. 

Later I strolled down to the Design Museum but hit a jet lag wall and decided to eat dinner early and save design for tomorrow. 

Juuri is a casual locavore restaurant specializing in saapas, Finnish tapas. (Pics to come.) I did miss a glorious sunset. 

 What can I say about Finland except that dessert with a prix fixe is licorice, two ways?

This morning I had delicious breakfast at a cafe Roger recommended followed by the Design Museo where I learned more about the history of Finnish design. A few favorites you might recognize. 

Marimekko! Aunt Barbara would be proud. Finnair actually has Marimekko napkins and blankets on the flight.
 Angry Birds!

 Scandinavian minimalism
 Lapland-influenced fabrics.
 And the NetSurfer recliner. Glad that one didn't take off.
 This is the famous maternity box that new Finnish parents get. Everything you need.

But saving the best for last, Wednesday is women's day at the historic Yrjonkatu pool. I splurged on a private cabana with a robe, up on the second level. 

Two saunas, a divine herbal steam room, and a clothing-optional Olympic pool. No photos but here's what it looks like. You should see my backstroke. 
I'm about to board the overnight ferry to Tallinn. Delicious details tomorrow. 

Helsinki, you were grand.