Monday, December 19, 2016


No one in Chile or France has heard of "Hamilton, the Musical" yet, at least not the people I had breakfast with. Here at Hamilton's Place, Hamilton is a friendly boy who loves his trampoline and playing soccer with the dog.

I set off for nearby Saltos de Petrohue. The waterfalls and Osorno volcano are part of a gorgeous national park.
Turquoise water rushing through lava rocks. Pretty impressive.
They've constructed a series of bridges so you don't fall in. 

(They're full of tour groups taking selfies.)

Afterward I walked over to the dancing trees in the Area of Contemplation. Shhh!

The trail extended down the river, with lush greenery. Back in New Zealand?

The road continues south east toward the Argentine border. This are the flood plains of the estero.
Waterfalls everywhere.

And the view, and a delicious fish lunch at La Ollita in Cochamó, at the end of a long, winding gravel road. 
Always take the unpaved road. It makes all the difference.

At breakfast, Hamilton showed me terrifying photos of the eruption of Calbuco volcano nearly 2 years ago while his dad described grabbing the family and jumping in the car. Hard to imagine on such a placid day.