Saturday, December 24, 2016

serenity now

Downtown La Serena was a madhouse of holiday shoppers.

Entrepreneurs set up giftwrapping stations to earn a little holiday cash.
My grandmother was an expert at giftwrapping. She worked at A&S one holiday season when she was in college.
I didn't get that gene.

I loved this mall, the Caracol (snail).
The staircase is one continuous winding ramp.
The stores were an odd mix of grow shops (pot seems to be semi-legal here), busy hair and nail salons, and a cafe that might have been a gentleman's club.

Afterward I walked half an hour down to the pristine beach. The faro (lighthouse) is La Serena's most famous landmark. Not sure why it's Moorish. There's a Lebanese restaurant across the street though. Maybe they'll be open tomorrow on Christmas day.

I had lunch at a surf shack called Poisson. View of the waves. Bob Marley playing. German tourists in Santa hats and reindeer antlers taking selfies.

Serena, indeed.

Amor y paz to all.

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