Monday, December 12, 2016

sands point

After a blissful night's sleep (in a bed), I enjoyed a delicious home-cooked breakfast with the other guests. At one table, 7 people from 7 countries (Germany, Canada, Australia, Britain, France, and Chile). A veritable UN. 
The penguin tours don't run on Mondays, except one boat and they were full. So I decided to climb a hill and explore town. Punta Arenas means sands point.
It's quite lovely. Weather was brisk—mid 40s! I was glad I brought my pink puffy down jacket and wished I had gloves.
Compulsory reminder that we're at the bottom of the world.
Okay, maybe it was a good thing I didn't go out on the sea today.  In in a little zodiac.

This charming kiosko houses tourist information. The man inside made it clear I needed more time in Patagonia.
The town is graced with great 19th century architecture and ornamentation.

Most museums in town are also closed on Mondays. But I did head over to the elaborate cemetario, built at the end of the 19th century,                                                                    
The bushes are shaped into tall topiaries. This section is called the bells.
The history of Punta Arenas includes immigrants from many nationalities: Poles, Croats, Portuguese, Italians, and especially Germans. I loved the decorations. Some artificial plants, some real. A few overgrown.

This was the best one, if a little irreverent. Wouldn't you like to be remembered with colorful spinning toys?


Today's vocabulary word is estrecho which means strait.