Monday, December 18, 2017

pagoda party

Have you ever seen a ferry for motorbikes like this before?

Nothing better than a lazy day while traveling. Especially in Bagan.

 Man U fans

Happy kids, dressed up and dancing in circles

Another temple damanged in the 2016 earthquake with bamboo scaffolding.
Simple pleasures by the Irrawaddy.
 Sold at the market in front of the temple.
 My people! Even my favorite color, chartreuse.
We took a tuktuk across to the ugly tall tower for sunset and happy hour. 
 Not too shabby.
You can see Mt. Popa in  the distance.

 Our tuktuk driver is a great photographer. He and Pam were looking at the white spaceship temple.
This temple was damaged in the 2016 earthquake, and is now covered with scaffolding and lit like a romance novel cover.
 Sweet dreams.

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