Sunday, December 10, 2017

visages villages

After breakfast, we set off for the Governor's mansion, built in the British colonial era and now used occasionally as a fancy hotel. 

Various Governors lived here in the British era, and they are commemorated in startlingly lifelike wax figures, if you ignore the occasional green skin and red eyes.
Governors were in residence through 1946, despite the Japanese occupation to the south. 
Soldiers are posed throughout the building. This one had lost his arm.
Julia Morgan would admire the swimming pool. 

Burmese residents were represented as well. 
General Aung San, the democracy leader considered the father of modern Burma, and the father of Aung San Su Kyi 
Later we stumbled across this delightful Hindu temple. 
The town houses many mansions. This entrance way suited my tastes. 

We were nearly the only non-Asians in town, and children and older women and taxi drivers said hello to us and turned and giggled. But Hello Kitty lady actually stopped with her matching parasol to say hello. 
After a lavish lunch and a ride in a horse-drawn carriage straight out of Cinderella, we took a taxi to the Eternal Pagoda. The Buddha it houses is made entirely of marble.
We found Vegas Buddha hard to resist, The lights of his aura animate.

Back to San Francisco restaurant for a last dinner of Chinese stirfries and superb local tea.