Saturday, December 30, 2017

snorkel selfie

Today's boat excursion departed from the jetty early.
We raced through the mangroves and tiny islands, many uninhabited, of Mergui Archipelago.
 Weather was perfect, warm and clear, with mostly mild seas.
First stop: the waterfall. Instead of a hike, the guides helped passengers up a rickety ladder on a slippery rock face. I stayed on the boat and watched people risk their lives for selfies.
These ladies were very stylishly dressed. One of the long-haired women carried yellow emojis on sticks, to insert in their instagram pictures.
After the waterfall, we stopped at a Moken villages. The Moken are known as sea gypsies. The able-bodied adults head out to sea for weeks at a time. Only young children and older women are left behind.
Their land village is lit with solar panels. They don't have much running water. And Sonny, our guide explained the challenges of trying to integrate groups so that they speak Burmese.

Along with older women receiving food aid (rice and oil), we saw monkeys, dogs, and kittens.

After we stopped for lunch at the Moken restaurant. The crab and jellyfish were very good.
Then it was time to swim. I was first in the water. I saw a pretty blue fish and some yellow fish, but mostly the reef was bleached. Swimming was amazing though.

 And just like that after 9 hours, it was time for the day to draw to a close. Only one more day left till the end of the yearl

There's no place like home.
Another perfect Andaman sunset: