Thursday, December 10, 2015

palm reader

I continued north along the west coast to the famous pancake rocks and blowholes.
If you got my 2001 Christmas card, it was taken here, in Paparoa National Park in Punakaiki. 
The rocks are awesome, stacked layers and natural arches from the erosion of the sea. 
If you go at high tide you're treated to the splash of the blowhole. 
Except yesterday which the ranger said was the result of northernlies or sourherlies. Still it was a beautiful walk, and I compared notes with a woman from Boston on our various journeys b
This staircase reminded me of a Chinese rock garden, and not just because of the many Chinese tourists. 
Afterward I went into a cave, just far enough to wish I had my head lamp. 
Then I headed down the Porari track, a gentle scenic trail I'd hiked years ago.
It did not disappoint. These Nikau palms are the southernmost palm trees in the world. 
It's really luscious. 
Everything is covered with ferns and moss. 
Now I'm back with friends high above the sea, in a perfect spot that hasn't changed a bit. 
David promised me the last time that I'd be back. 
I may never leave. 

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