Saturday, December 5, 2015

in search of a view

 I have Scott Cook's excellent NZ Frenzy books, but fresh off the plane didn't think I was up to the Rob Roy glacier hike and drive. 
Lots of people climb straight up this peak. I don't know why. Scott recommended the Diamond Lake viewpoint. 
Fortunately I missed the turn and noticed these waterfalls and a couple of kite surfers. 
This is what the trail looked like before the Department of Conservation put in 10,000 steps. 
Good thing the scenery was nice. 
The view from the top was okay. No view of Mt Aspiring or Lake Wanaka. Until I noticed the waterfalls across the way, the same ones from the beginning. 
On the way back to town I stopped for a few glacier pictures. 
No too shabby. 
Then I had to visit the famous tree. 
If you ask me, someone's trying to turn Wanaka into Spirit Lake in Alberta. Or One Tree Hill in Auckland. It even has a hashtag. 
Still, it's a pretty great tree. It's a pretty great town too.