Wednesday, December 9, 2015

stick in the mud

Okarito is also famous for the kohuku or white heron sanctuary.
Charlotte and I headed out in a double kayak across the windy lagoon at high tide and quickly spotted one. As we tried to get closer, it flew off. 
This emboldened us to head away from the official markers into the reeds. 
A heron flew overhead! We paddled to another part of the lagoon and found ourselves wedged into 6 inches of gray silt. We pushed and paddled like a gondola but didn't seem to go anywhere. 
A shag watched from the rock. Eventually Charlotte got out barefoot and wedged us free. 
We entered a peaceful grove of ferns, not far from the area where we listened for kiwi the night before. 
The lagoon had an amber color like root beer. 
We were late returning so we cheated and got a ride back. 
Who needs cross-fit when you can haul a kayak up a steep hillside using only a rope? (Or have someone do it for you.)
All in all, a quiet peaceful way to spend a morning. I'll come back to Okarito one day soon. Glad it hasn't changed too much in the years I've been away.