Monday, August 29, 2016

rolling in the years

I couldn't help but notice the art and greenery on this building.
Or the awesome farmer girl mural across the street from it.

The chicks continue all the way around the back.

In front is a parklet created with an old shipping container. When I walked by later, someone was taking a nap.

But out with Chris and Dennis on Sunday at a literary reading, I learned more about the history of Santropol Roulant, an organization started 20 years ago by a couple of young chefs to provide healthy meals to elderly home-bound Montreal residents.

Today, the volunteer-led organization focuses on using food to connect young Montreal residents with older ones. They have a farm, a CSA, a bike shop where you can learn to make your own bike, and a graffiti collective. Fully half the food is delivered by bicycle. 

They also have a lot of instruction, documenting their philosophy and methods.
This is a garden designed to attract bees. I bought a jar of honey to bring home as a souvenir and support their work.

But the real gardening takes place upstairs, on the terrace and the roof. Containers filled with tomatoes, red chard, and kale. There's a farm in the country too and another on the rooftops of nearby McGill University. 
Of course there are murals.

Here's the view of Mont Royal from the rooftop, now reinforced to support tons of soil. There are beehives up here too.

It was hard to resist the string beans.

This mural of Montreal old and new adorns the stairs.

Thanks very much to Dennis for pointing me toward Santropol Roulants. I forgot to go downstairs to meet the composting worms. 

I did notice this building of luxury condos caty cornerned from 111 Rue Roy E. They're 1/4 what they'd cost in San Francisco. Tempting...with a farmers' market and fresh homegrown produce across the street. 

Glad to see a project like this feeding people and building community across generations.

Go here to learn more, volunteer, or support their work.