Sunday, August 21, 2016


Last time I was in Toronto, we went to an art gallery where I saw a photo of rust-colored rocks lapped by lake water and knew I had to go there. 
It only took 9 years to get to Georgian Bay. 

I'd planned to go kayaking on Mutton Lake from the farm where I'm staying. 
But it rained hard throughout the night and I got a late start. There's a drought in Ontario, as anyone here will tell you. 

Fortunately not a severe California one. It's still exquisitely green. 

The waves were big and fast moving! Parry Sound is not a little pond. Despite that, people were swimming.

The rocks were everything I'd hoped for and more. These rock piles (inuksuk) are apparently illegal at Killbear, so don't tell the Mounties. 

You can almost feel the curvature of the earth. 

Incredibly peaceful. 

Don't know about you, but I got what I came for. 

No bears were killed in this post. 

The only wildlife I've seen on this trip so far was a black squirrel in Toronto and a turtle crossing the road. 
Later I headed to Snug Harbor for dinner and got this view of the lighthouse. 

Though I liked this little free library lighthouse  even better. 

Back in Seguin after another long, hard day. Sipping local cranberry juice sweetened with local maple syrup.