Friday, December 13, 2013


This morning, Richie taught us a few typical Javanese recipes that he learned from his mother. He said it was easier now that he didn't have to get the coconut milk straight from the coconut. Lots of preparation. 
Indonesia was known as the spice islands. Ingredients include kaffir lime, star anise, candlenut, shallots, coconut sugar, and a bright, minty basil. Plus of course garlic, salt, chiles, and lemongrass. 
Then add already fried chicken and simmer. The last ingredient was Indonesian soy sauce, which is thicker and sweeter than Chinese soy sauce. 

Salad was a light, crunchy break. My health coach will be proud of me. 

Lunch is served. Lemongrass chicken in a caramel sauce, salad with chopped long beans and peanut dressing, and fried hard-boiled eggs with a sensational tomato–pepper–coconut sambal. 

It was enak: delicious. (This is only my first helping.)
These cakes for dessert are made of the same bean sprouts from green beans. With a lot of extra sugar. 
Thanks to our top chef for sharing his family's recipes and his warmth in every way.