Wednesday, December 25, 2013

the royal city

I'm back in the royal city of Ubud after five years. 
It's incredibly touristy and filled with raw foods shops and silver jewelry-making classes and day spas with fish that nibble on your toes and Michael Franti concert posters. It reminds me of Marin. 
But it is also storybook in its charm and beauty. 
I'm staying at a very plain but inexpensive bungalow with air conditioning and a pool. 
It's very quiet considering how convenient it is. 
I've been here so long I barely need the air conditioning. 
My Southeast Asia adventure is slowly winding down. I even had a twinge of homesickness tonight, eating dinner at Casa Luna and reading posts about Christmas at home. But I'm glad to have a few more days of painting and eating and bargaining. 
Hope Santa brought you everything you'd hoped for this year. XOX