Thursday, December 5, 2013


Taipei is not a bad place to stretch your legs between the 15-hour flight and the 6-hour one. The airport's added wifi since I was there last. 
They still have these wonderful coin-op Japanese massaging recliners, which I remember fondly from my last layover. Tokens last 15 minutes and are free. And if you ask nicely, you might get more than one. 

The recliners are by the prayer rooms, which include a crescent, cross, and the  Tibetan Buddhist swastika. (It goes the other way from the Nazi one.)

I also grabbed a bowl of overpriced noodle soup. What else are you going to snack on at 6 am?

But my favorite part of the journey was the POV cameras as we took off and landed. Or here, as we fly high above Borneo, heading south.