Wednesday, December 18, 2013

in the kitchen

Behind the pool and villas, Ron and Irma built an outdoor kitchen. We made six dishes. The staff did a lot of prep work, including grating the coconut
We added water and squeezed to make coconut milk. Pretty nifty. 
Some of the coconut was reserved and toasted. We also did lots of peeling with terrible knives. Eat your colors, as Ilene taught me. 
Mortars and pestles made an appearance although many cooks today use food processors.  
The secret to sate? I'm not telling. But wet the sticks first so they don't burn. 
Simmering tuna and beef rendang were equally tasty. 
Surprisingly the most interesting dish was the spring rolls. We made the wrappers from scratch, using tapioca flour. You paint them into a no-stick pan and heat until they peel off. 

Then we filled, rolled, and fried them. Don't press too hard!
Great way to spend a morning. And then a last swim, and I headed east to Amed. 
(These carved fruits are fake, but I liked them any way.)