Saturday, December 14, 2013

mushroom madness

We stopped for lunch at Le Jamuran. Jamur means mushroom. This is a vegetarian restaurant where mushrooms substitute for meat in traditional Indonesian dishes. 

Mushroom sate. Mushroom rendang.

Sweet and sour mushrooms. Steamed pepes, like a tamale wrapped in a banana leaf. 

The food was a bit spicy for my friends, but not for me. It was delightful, made even better by a singer doing an impressive imitation of Adele and trays of fresh mint tea. 

Take home live mushrooms from the gift shop. The restaurant caters to Indonesian tourists, like much of Jogja, whereas Bali caters to Westerners and other foreigners.

Total for lunch for four: 108,000 rupiah or less than $10 total.