Wednesday, July 5, 2017

bergie bits

I could write something clever or I could just post a million close ups of icebergs, taken from an informative boat tour today led by Twillingate Adventure Tours.

You should go with them. Chris and Kim will take good care of you. If the seas are rough, they won't go out. (Take Dramamine or a scopolamine patch if like me, you're susceptible.)

The green tail shows you ice under the water. It takes these icebergs two to three years to float over from Greenland.

They look completely different as you go around them.

A lot of them look like fishes or whales. If they're smooth, that's a sign they've rolled over a few times.

Icebergs are white because snow is caught in them. Ice itself is clear. Isn't this blue vein gorgeous? This iceberg was about 100 feet high.

 I loved this iceberg. It reminded me of a ship.
 We went completely around it. It had ice caves and a green tail.
 From this angle, it reminded me of the Sphinx.

 I see a man or woman in profile, reclining.
This was the most exciting moment of all. We heard a crack and the bottom of this iceberg collapsed into the sea. You can see the splash in the lower right corner,
 And foam and bits of iceberg, floating and fizzing around.

When you're done, stop in at Annie's for some cod tongues. I didn't ask if they're tongues or not. Sometimes it's better not to know.