Tuesday, July 4, 2017

iceberg alley

The east coast of Newfoundland and Labrador is known as Iceberg Alley, with 90% of the icebergs that float by in May, June, and July coming from glaciers in western Greenland.
This is an annual phenomenon, not the result of climate change. 
You can track and report them with the Iceberg Finder website. It's true that 90% of an iceberg is beneath the surface of the sea.
This map will give you a good idea. 
 The tiny town of Crow's Next, just northeast of Twillingate. Pull up a Muskoka chair.
Joelle makes these exquisite bowls from knotted rope.

 I've seen glaciers before but never seen anything quite like this.

It was sunnier last night when I arrived. I'd hoped to go out on a boat today, but the weather blew in, so they didn't go out.
 This looks like a modern house, just floating by.
This is an unusually good year. The ice pack was so thick late in the season, it damaged the big ferry to Fogo Island. 
 I mean, really.
Tonight I'm off to hear The Split Peas, 7 local women who sing and perform traditional music. With tea and tontons.