Monday, July 10, 2017


The Skerwink hostel where I stayed on the Bonavista peninsula is feet from the famous Skerwink trail.
It was quite foggy, though the sun burned through in parts. 
The seastacks don't appear to have names. What a missed opportunity in a part of the world that's not shy about language and naming.
 Kind of magical.
 These pinecones are purple.

The seastacks and turquoise water reminded me of Port Orford in southern Oregon. Or hiking in New Zealand.
The total loop is 5.3K, under 4 miles. It's not especially hard, but there are a few sets of steep steps plus mud.

But then you get to the top and it's all worth it.

Spanish moss, making an appearance.

And finally a clear view of historic Trinity and Fort Point lighthouse, whose foghorn I listened to all night. You can see why.
The end winds up in a meadow that could be Pt Reyes (an hour from my house). I earned my brownie.

For more information on the Skerwink trail: from Robinhood bay to Trinity harbor:

Sadly, my adventures end here. I'm back in St. John's headed for one last lobster dinner before I fly west. Until the next time.