Sunday, February 8, 2015

agua caliente

This morning I walked over the hill to one of the many volcano-fed hot springs Baños is named for. I wasn't too wobbly so maybe I am acclimated. The weather was warm and just cloudy enough. 
Along the way were signs warning what to do in the event of an eruption: leave!
My lovely hostess told me about a Swiss resort at the top of the ridge but said  they had trouble getting towels to dry. 
The springs themselves were very modest, simpler than similar places I'd been in Costa Rica or Peru. They did have 7 pools though. 

The walk through the fertile grounds reminded me of hot springs in New Zealand where I went with Susan Carter. 
I was the only tourist. The pools were fairly empty when I arrived but full of happy kids by the time I left. A giggling little boy wearing Angry Birds water wings hung out with me for a while. 
The heart-shaped pool was the hottest: 38.1 degrees (100 Fahrenheit!). The kidney pool was freezing. 
Admission was $2. Obligatorio gorra rental cost 50¢. Worth every penny. Of course I loved this empty pool. 
Tomorrow I'll try the big springs closer to the volcano.