Monday, February 23, 2015

dawn discoveries

Saturday: Arsenio and I set out up the hill at dawn. This may be first time I've gotten up two days in a row at six am. 
At first I had some trouble adjusting to the binoculars, as he effortlessly spotted tanagers and ducks and motmots. 
This adorable trogon reminded me of a model in a striped designer skirt. 
Swallows (golondrinas) flew from tree to tree. And then we saw our prize: a choco toucan! 
Bamboo grows impossibly tall here. 
I also loved this puffball. 
And the colibri (hummingbirds) hanging out by my hammock. 
After lunch, we set off for the waterfall and organic garden.
It was small but surrounded by luscious ferns. 
Maqui Pucuna grows all kinds of fruits and vegetables from lettuce and green beans to tomate de arbol and zanahoria blanca (literally white carrots, which turn out to be parsnips).  
With lemongrass and papayas and fresh mint, it's a shady haven. 
As a bonus, we saw more butterfly species on the walk back:
Blue and orange
Orange and black
And this stylish black, white, and red ochenta y nueve (or noventa y ocho, 89 or 98, depending on which way you look at it), named for the numbers on its wings.