Monday, February 9, 2015

deep salad

Today I walked up the steep valley to Balneario El Salado, close to the source of Tungurahua.  
We are strong in our land because we live with the volcano (!)

It was a steep hill, but I loved the fertile volcanic soil. Lots of farms and greenhouses in evidence in every direction. Ecuador is the top supplier of roses in the U.S.  
Everything about this hot spring was fancier than yesterday's, including the sign. 
It cost $3 plus $1.50 to buy a swim cap. I got hot pink, of course. 
The complex was filled with families of all ages, in 7 pools of assorted temperatures plus a freezing cool-down loop
Some women brought mugs to drink volcano water from the pipes where it entered the pool. An older man with his grandson tried to talk them into using the fountain, to no avail. 
Here are the chemical properties of volcano water. 
I loved these tube pyramids where bathers stuck their shoes. No lockers  provided, just a check service. 
La palabra do dia es profundidad. Which means depth (of the pool) but is also the root for profound. 
The balnearios of Baños are conducive to deep thoughts, or at least deep sleep.