Saturday, February 14, 2015

market day

We got up early today and filled two trucks to nearby Zumbahua for the Saturday market. 
There were live animals including some waiting to be shorn, or eaten. 
Fresh cheese
and artfully wrapped rounds of palm sugar. 
I brought home  a basket of tart mora (blackberries) for $1. 
We were surprised to find rambutan, but Greta had seen them growing in the Amazon. 

Surprisingly eucalyptus trees grow in Chugchilan at 10,000 feet. 
I admired the amaranth
and rows of bananas 
and spring onions. 
Giant cabbages reminded me of the Alaska state fair. 
Rachael and I were tempted by huge pots of rich soup stock, but resisted. 
And of course there were cariocas for Carnaval. No one was spared.