Sunday, June 28, 2015

another day, another glacier

I saved the best for last. 
No, really. 
Many Glacier might be the best yet. 
I hiked out toward the waterfall at red rock lake. 
Here's the red rock with the heart-shaped cloud. 

And of course the enviably situated Many Glacier hotel. More on that later. 

They were having a fire drill as I arrived. 
You can't be too careful on such a hot day with a huge log cabin, surrounded by forest. It's so hot they ran out of ice cream. 
Look at the trees used to construct it. 

On the outside it looks like a Swiss chalet. 
The rooms have Swiss flags and instead of kilts, the staff wears leiderhosen. No, really. 
I'll write more about the four Glacier National Park hotels later. July 4th will be the 100th anniversary of its opening, part of the Great Northern railway expansion. 

Happy birthday, Many Glacier. See you again soon.