Thursday, June 25, 2015

off road

Today I took the river road up to Polebridge. The whole town is less than a block. 
The Merc is famous for its huckleberry bear claws and cinnamon rolls. I had to try both to be sure. 

The road is mostly paved except here and there. I hardly saw a soul all day.  

The Going to the Sun road which cuts through the park only opened last week. I'm not sure why. Haven't seen much snow on the west side of the park on the mountains. I'll go to Many Glaciers tomorrow or Friday.  
I took a few short hikes, one along a logging creek. Appropriately enough previous hikers left these. 

Mostly it was the small things I noticed today, a sure sign that I'm slowing down and starting to pay attention to where I am. 
Small flowers. 

Flocks of tiny butterflies led the way. 

This translucent blue one was a beauty. 

The path was narrow. 

But the meadow was worth it. 

Remember, no souvenirs.