Saturday, June 27, 2015

the great white north

Glacier National Park is actually Glacier–Waterton International Peace Park. 

Who could resist a chance to visit our neighbors to the north, if only for an afternoon. 

So I set off for Alberta, passport in hand. 

The drive was breathtaking. 

Despite it being almost a holiday weekend in Canada, I hardly saw a soul till I crossed into Waterton. 
I headed first to the Prince of Wales hotel for afternoon tea. This was especially ridiculous given the heat. And the fact that I'm not supposed to be eating wheat. 

But the view! And even though they used tea bags (!), the servers were as sweet as the desserts. And all the staff wear kilts in tartan plaid. 
This lime mint scone was served with clotted cream and a goosebery. I thought it was an orange cherry tomato. Kiwis are related to gooseberries. 

Then it was time for a walk. (Not really a hike—after so much driving, I didn't want to go deeper into the park.) 

Waterton was packed with Canadian families on holiday. The three-hour boat tour that crosses the border into Glacier was sold out. 

As always I wondered why I don't go to Canada more often. (The looney is a bargain vs the USD at the moment.) 

Some day ask me about my first trip to Jasper and Banff, when I drove a silver Camaro from Vancouver and went horseback riding with a real cowboy.  

I'll definitely return soon. (And to Joel, Sheila, and Melissa, happy Canada day. I'm coming to visit.)