Wednesday, June 24, 2015

luxurious lodges of the Rockies

Glacier has several historic park lodges. Lake McDonald Lodge celebrated its centennial last year and resembles a Swiss chalet on the outside.

The road wasn't completed in 1914 so the front entrance faces the lake. Inside it has a period Western look like Old Faithful or Timberline Lodge at Mt. Hood where I went with Lee last fall. Stuffed animal heads. 

Beautiful Native American-inspired lamps by a roaring fireplace. 

The original tours in the park were in red open-topped vehicles known as jammers. 

You can still go on a red bus tour today. The stretch limo Hummer of their day, but a little more stylish. 

Montana, like Washington and Oregon, was a lumber state. Whitefish was known as Stumptown, just as Portland was.

Grand park lodges were built to take advantage of the railroad—just as the Banff Springs Hotel was in the Canadian Rockies. 

Unfortunately the historic lodges don't have internet access in the rooms, one reason I'm not staying in any of them. I'm looking forward to checking out Many Glaciers and the other hotels on the east side of the park. But first, more hiking.