Friday, June 26, 2015

medicine for what ails you


I headed east today across the Continental Divide again. There's a Washington monument styled thing honoring Teddy Roosevelt and Lewis & Clark (and Sacajawea) and this guy who worked on the railroad. 

I also stopped at the salt lick where there were goats as promised. 
One of the kids was shy, but the other turned and looked at me before bouncing away. 

East Glacier is kind of cute, an historic railroad stop with old school motels and ice cream shops. But how much huckleberry pie can a person eat?

First a hike to Running Eagle falls named after a beautiful, brave Blackfoot warrior. 

It's an easy walk through the forest past thistles and over streams.
Complete with tiny bridge crossing. Then you arrive.

And it's so lovely. I wish you could hear it. 

Even the rocks are prettier in Montana, polished by centuries of glacial movement and fast running streams. 

None of this prepared me for Two Medicine Lake. Breathtaking. Uncrowded.

I went for an hour hike and then hopped on a boat tour where a couple of cute Montanans told us about geography, trees, and Blackfeet native heritage. This is Rising Wolf, one of the tallest mountains on this side of the park. 

Did you know moose can hold their breath underwater for 3 minutes ? 

Two Medicine Lake reminded me of Fiordland, the southwest corner of New Zealand. Not incidentally one of my favorite places on earth. 
We even picked up hikers at the end of the lake, just like on the Milford track. 

Wish I'd had time to kayak. Conditions were perfect. 

It is hotter than usual. 

Once there were 150 glaciers within the park boundary. Today there are 25. Climate change is also endangering the spruce trees that grow on the mountainsides. So don't wait too long to come visit. 

It's hard to imagine a better day. I'm writing this on the porch of my cabin, original railroad housing, watching the sun slowly fall below the mountains and listening to the train rumble by. Wifi is iffy, but I'm trying to practice patience. 

I can't wait till tomorrow.